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Disability Team Celebrates End of Season Awards

Needham Market FC's Disability Team capped off an exceptional season with celebratory end-of-season awards, marking their triumph as Wot’s Up League 1 champions. The team, renowned for their dedication and camaraderie, gathered to honour individual achievements that contributed to their league victory.

Alex - Goalkeeper Award Alex, the team's main goalkeeper, was recognised for his stellar performance between the posts. His super saves and unwavering commitment, turning up for every session and game day, earned him the Goalkeeper award. 

Adrian - Most Improved Player Award Adrian's relentless effort and determination on the field were celebrated with the Most Improved Player award. Known for his drive to score and his continuous improvement throughout the season, Adrian's dedication has been an inspiration to his teammates.

Matt - Manager's Player and Players' Player Awards Matt's exceptional contributions did not go unnoticed, as he received both the Manager's Player and the Players' Player awards. His efforts on the pitch, motivation, and unwavering support for the team, regardless of the result, made him a standout player in the eyes of both the management and his teammates.

Harry - Top Goal Scorer Award Team captain Harry was honoured with the Top Goal Scorer award for his incredible tally of 22 goals. His leadership and offensive prowess were instrumental in leading the team to the top of the league standings.

Lauren - Goalkeeper Trophy Award Lauren received a special Goalkeeper Trophy for her supportive role in stepping into the goal when needed. Her super shot-stopping abilities provided the team with much-needed flexibility and reliability in crucial moments.

Lee - Sportsmanship Award Lee's achievements on the pitch and his guidance and support to his teammates earned him the Sportsmanship award. Both his teammates and the management recognised his embodiment of true sportsmanship, making him a deserving recipient of this honour.

As the Needham Market FC Disability Team celebrates their league championship and individual achievements, they reflect on a season marked by perseverance, teamwork, and outstanding performances. The team's success serves as a testament to their hard work and unity, setting a high standard for seasons to come.

If you’re interested in joining the Needham Market FC Disability team, please reach out via email to for more information.


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