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Disability Team Crowned Wot’s Up League 1 Champions

In a thrilling culmination to their season, the Needham Market Disability Team clinched the title of Wot's Up Disability League 1 Champions on Sunday 21st April. This victory came hot on the heels of the Needham Market Men's First Team's Premier Cup &  League Title win, providing a triple celebration for the club.

Under the guidance of Manager Laura Worsley, the team showcased remarkable spirit and skill throughout the season, securing the championship by a narrow margin of just one point. The final tally for the season stood at 15 wins, 5 draws, and 7 losses. "This has been a great weekend for the team. Winning the League 1 title by just one point above the second-place team shows the hard work and dedication of all our players," said Worsley.

The championship win not only reflects the team's excellence on the field but also highlights Needham Market FC's commitment to inclusivity and sportsmanship in football. Manager Worsley expressed pride in the performances and the cohesive spirit of the squad, stating, "We couldn't be prouder of all the players involved."

In a call to expand the team's success and community impact, the Needham Market Disability Team is looking for additional players to join next season. The team welcomes individuals from the local area to become a part of this winning squad. "We invite anyone interested to give it a go and help us build on this season’s success," Worsley added.

Interested players are encouraged to reach out via email to for more information on joining the team.

This championship win is not just a victory on the scoreboard but a symbol of the power of sports to bring people together and celebrate diversity and ability in every form.


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