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To commemorate Jake Dye's 300th appearance for the Marketmen. We caught up with the defender to get an insight as to how it felt to achieve that landmark, coming through the club's Academy, standout moments, and the current season so far. 

1. Congrats on making your 300th Needham appearance on Saturday, first of all how does it feel to have reached that milestone for the club, having also came through the club's Academy?

JD: Thank you very much, I have really appreciated all the congratulations and kind words. Honestly I've felt very proud in myself in reaching such a milestone and at the age I've achieved it. If anything it makes me want to work harder and achieve even more. Yes the academy did absolute wonders for my footballing ability. The chance to train everyday under the coaches I had in my time at the academy, I was very fortunate.

2. How does it feel to have also reached that landmark of appearances while also being a fans favourite?

JD: Well to be described as a fan favourite makes it even more special. What a great club this is with even better people. It feels like a second home for me. Hopefully I manage to get a song in the near future hahaha.

3. Having been at the club for a few seasons, does it make it more special to have shared the journey with a few other players who are still at the club?

JD: Absolutely. When I first came in at 16 there's only 2 players left in the first team. Keiran was helping Kev when I was in the academy and certainly acted as a role model, someone who taught me that with the correct attitude and desire you can make it into the first team. Likewise with Ingers, both happy to help when it comes to advice and encouragement to improve! Been a journey and a half!

4. How do you reflect on your time with the club so far, especially being part of arguably some of the biggest moments in the club's history?

JD: To be part of making history in more ways than one has been incredible. I believe I was part of the U18 team to only reach the first round proper of the youth cup and then in recent seasons making history in the FA trophy and FA cup. It's been a magical journey and being part of that has made for experiences a young boy could only dream of coming through non-league.

5. Of your 300 apps, could you pick out a few games that standout to you?

JD: Be controversial not say my league debut away at wet and windy Lewes. Not being in the squad to begin with, receiving a call early Saturday morning to travel, the rest is history. Burton away has to be up there, just in terms of playing against a pro team at a pro ground. Hand in hand with the win at Yeovil and all of the Suffolk premier cup final wins. I guess playing Billericay against the likes of Pennant and Konchesky stands out highly, Bloomfields was rocking that night!

6. Focusing on this season's league campaign so far, how do you reflect on that now that we're past the halfway stage?

JD: I think cup runs aside, we are disappointed with our league standing. We just haven't been good enough away from home and gifting away points is the difference between where we are now to being in and around the playoffs. We will continue to keep working hard and rectify this and see where we are come the end of the season.

7. What targets do you have for the remainder of the season and beyond both personally and from a team perspective?

JD: Team wise we are still looking to pick up as many points as we can and fight to be in the play offs. We don't want our season to dwindle away. think we have the best defensive record in the league currently so to maintain that would be a great achievement and basis for our team. Personally to contribute more, whether that's assists or goals. Something I've been working hard to improve, which will only help myself and my team mates.


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