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NMFC Launches Sporting Memories Group

Needham Market FC launches Sporting Memories Group in a bid to connect generations through the power of sport.

Needham Market Football Club is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Sporting Memories group, an initiative aimed at fostering social connections and reminiscences among the local community's older population.

The club has partnered with Sporting Memories, a revered charity and social enterprise, to create a vibrant space where individuals over the age of 50 can gather, converse, and relive the exhilaration of sporting moments from yesteryears.

Sporting Memories holds the belief that sport possesses a unique ability to kindle conversations, trigger memories, and rejuvenate social bonds. This collaboration with Needham Market FC is a testament to the club's commitment to community engagement and its unwavering dedication to enhancing the quality of life for individuals in the region.

The free weekly sessions will take place at the heart of Needham Market FC, within the main clubhouse, every Tuesday, commencing on the 5th of September. Running from 14:00 to 15:30, the group invites participants to share stories, exchange experiences, and relish the camaraderie that sport can foster.

James Mant, responsible for the group at NMFC, stated: "As a football club, we are deeply committed to forging connections with our local community. Sporting Memories offers a wonderful platform for like-minded individuals to spark conversations, celebrate sporting history, and cultivate new friendships. This group extends an open invitation to anyone in the area aged 50 and above, who yearns for an opportunity to step out, engage with fellow locals, and relive cherished sporting memories. We are really pleased to finally get this launch out into the public and we really want to make sure that we keep this group going for years to come so that we can see the benefits it has on people's lives."

Phil Lown, who leads Sporting Memories activity in Suffolk, commented: “We’re really pleased to welcome Needham Market FC as our newest club in Suffolk.

“We believe by working with such a community-focused club such as Needham Market, we can further increase our engagement with older people aged 50+ across the county, regardless of background or ability, who are looking for an inclusive local session which can aid them to live active and social lifestyles.

“Our message to the people of Needham Market is simple: come along and give it a try – it’s free to attend and even if you don’t love sport, our clubs create a friendly atmosphere where anybody can join in the fun.”

The establishment of the Sporting Memories group was made possible through the generosity of several key supporters. Needham Market FC extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Mid Suffolk District Council, whose funding covered the group's startup costs. Additional funding from the Suffolk County Council has been allocated towards the annual license fee, signifying their commitment to the program's sustainability. Furthermore, the club acknowledges the indispensable contributions of Needham Market Town Council and Needham & Barking Charities, whose donations significantly contributed to the annual license fee for both the current year and the next. Their unwavering support has paved the way for the creation of this invaluable community resource.


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