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Hendo is Back!

It has only been a couple of seasons since she retired but our midfield maestro, captain fantastic is back.

Her return to the game will be in a coaching capacity as she looks to help first team manager Warren Lewis-Claxton in the dugout until the end of the season.

Nicola said: “I’ve toyed with the idea of coaching for a long time, and I have spoken with Warren previously about opportunities that may arise, but the timing has just not been right.

“With a bit of persuasion from Ele Catchpole, now seemed like a good time to start”.

With Warren looking for extra support in the dugout this seemed like a perfect arrangement with the manager getting some help from a club legend and for Henderson it’s a chance to test the water to make a career for herself after hanging up her boots a few seasons ago.

She continued: “The next few months will be a chance to see if this position suits me, but also if it suits Needham.

“At this point it’s mostly a helping hand as Warren has had to it all by himself but hopefully, I can bring comfort in my loud, Canadian accent filling Bloomfields again. I know a lot of this squad well, and I think with a bit of time, I’ll be able to help bring out the best in them”.

She was part of the club from its formation and was made captain halfway through the club’s 1st season including leadingout the team at Portman Road in the club’s first county cup final appearance.

She concluded about her return to Bloomfields: “It’s been exciting to be back at the club. It still feels like home and after coming back after a while away you fear things will be different but I’m grateful that is not the case.

“There is a lot of new names and faces to learn, which I’m pleased about as it shows the growth of the club. Although the top of the table is out of reach, I want the team to be hungry to win every game and finish the season on a high”.

She will be joined on the touchline by current Needham centre back and vice-captain Ele Catchpole as she continues her rehab after suffering a season-ending injury early in the campaign.




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