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Needham Market Women are delighted to confirm the management & media teams for the upcoming 23/24 season. With the club growing and looking for more success, the team around the players also expands.


The structure is as follows:


First Team


• Warren Lewis-Claxton - Manager (Head of Female Football)

• George Dean - Assistant Coach (Outfield & GK)

• Michael Kennedy - GK Coach

• Siyang Yu - Analysis Coach

• Ailish Segon - Sports Therapist/Physio


Going into the new season, will see it be Warren’s 5th season in charge of the Women’s First team since taking over from Freya Louis after the 2018/19 season - the first as a club. Since taking charge he has alsobecome the Head of Female Football at the club. He pushed the development of the youth teams within Needham and was key in the partnership with Needham Market Phoenix in creating a strong female provision within the community and the club.


Siyang will focus more on analysis for the team, as he moves away for work commitments, but will still havea valuable role for the team.


Michael continues to be our goalkeeping coach for this season after joining the club earlier this year in the second half of last season.


George is a new addition this season and will help assisting Warren as well as using his goalkeeping knowledge to assist Michael with our talented keepers.


Ailish continues as our Sports Therapist/Physio and has played a valuable part in the management structure since joining after the two seasons affected by covid.


Chris Baker leaves the management team; we thank Chris for all his support with us including his help in getting us promoted to tier 5 for the first time.


Development Team:


• Alex Parry - Manager

• Callum Douglas - Assistant Coach


Alex continues to take the Development team after taking over the role at the start of the previous season. Although a disappointing season for the team he has seen members of his squad called up and feature in first team matches. This season he will look to continue to see more players compete in the first team environment, while making the team more competitive in the Suffolk League.


Callum is a new addition to the support team and will help Alex in the forthcoming season.


Jodie Brookton has left the club; we thank Jodie for all her efforts last season.


Media Team:


• Ben Pooley - Club Photographer

• Liam Young – Club Journalist

• Peter Mahoney – Media Assistant


Ben has been with the club since the very beginning and was joined by Liam in our second season with both running the media department on our current journey.


Peter joins after completing university where he studied journalism at Derby and will add his talent to the department as we look to improve our brilliant social media presence even more as the club continues to grow.


“We’re really looking forward to the season ahead. We’ve been able to add to the current setup to bring more support to both the management and media teams, as we continue to grow.


The last 5 seasons have been really enjoyable, and I’m excited to see where this season can take us”.


We are still looking for additional members to join both the management and media team, so if you are interest, please do reach out!


As with the players, members of our management and media are also available to sponsor as either part of a collective or individual basis. If you would be interested in sponsoring, then please contact


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