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Clubs JOIN forces to provide FULL FEMALE PATHWAY

Needham Market FC and Needham Market Phoenix join forces to create a complete pathway for girls and women in the local area.

Needham Market Football Club (NMFC) is thrilled to announce an official link with Needham Market Phoenix, solidifying a strategic partnership that aims to provide a comprehensive pathway for girls and women in the local community.

This collaboration seeks to foster growth, development, and inclusivity in girls' football and to encourage further football opportunities for female players of all ages within the next three years.

Both NMFC and Needham Market Phoenix have recognised the immense potential and talent among young female players in the area. By joining forces, the clubs will work closely together to bridge the gaps in age groups and create a seamless pathway for aspiring female footballers into Needham Market Women's First Team. This initiative will not only enhance the girls and women's side of the game but also foster stronger bonds and interactions among all members and volunteers from both clubs.

In the previous season (2022/23), NMFC had two thriving girls' teams, the U11, and U15 Girls, while Needham Phoenix boasted a successful U13 girls' team. After careful consideration and collaboration, both clubs concluded that uniting their efforts would be the most logical approach to address age-group disparities. The shared goal is to focus on recruiting players in the age groups where each club had gaps, thus enabling the establishment of a complete girls' pathway within the local area. This strategic move emphasises cooperation over competition, ensuring that all young female players receive ample opportunities to progress and shine in their football journeys.

"This partnership marks a significant milestone in the growth of girls' football in our community," said Warren Lewis-Claxton, Head of Women's Football at Needham Market FC. "By officially linking with Needham Market Phoenix, we are pooling our resources, expertise, and passion to create a supportive environment where girls and women can thrive in the beautiful game. We strongly believe that this collaboration will serve as a driving force behind the development of talented players and will lead to the nurturing of future players within our first team."

The collaborative efforts between NMFC and Needham Market Phoenix will include shared resources, coaching workshops led by NMFC, and various events aimed at promoting girls' football across the region. Additionally, the partnership will foster a sense of unity and camaraderie, bringing the entire football community closer together.

Both clubs are enthusiastic about the potential that this alliance holds and are committed to empowering and inspiring the next generation of female footballers. With a shared vision and dedication to nurturing talent, Needham Market FC and Needham Market Phoenix are set to make a lasting impact on girls' and women's football in the local area.

For further updates and news on this exciting partnership, follow Needham Market Women and Needham Market Phoenix on their official social media channels and websites.


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