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Assistant Manager Tom Rothery provides an update ahead of the 2024/25 season.

DK: How are the preparations going behind the scenes for next season?

TR: Yes good, really busy have spoken with all last seasons squad and that’s all resolved and sorted now. There were some tough conversations which there always is so there never nice but really pleased to have kept everyone that we wanted to so that gives us a really good core to start from.

DK: How pleased are you to have retained the majority of last season's squad?

TR: I always think keeping a core of a team is important as it means minimum change and you don’t really get a lot of time pre-season really. Six/seven weeks seems like a long time but once the games start then the training reduces and so getting that tactical work across becomes difficult if you’re having to start with a lot of new players. On top of that after a successful season you really don’t want to be losing those players and hopefully the fact that we’ve kept 15 means that we have that team togetherness from last season and also that momentum that we built.

DK: You must be pleased with the club's pre-season friendlies?

TR: I need to be really as I did them, we have tough tests in there, but ideally I’d have liked another step 1 or 2 side but that wasn’t possible but overall we have good challenges in there that will get us where we need to be come August the 10th.

DK: How do you think is the squad shaping up ahead of the new season, and is there any update on any possible new signings?

TR: We have the nine that have been announced that are still under contract, one more contracted player to be announced plus five more non contracted players have agreed but we can’t announce or sign them until we have paperwork. One new signing currently which is agreed and there will be another 1 or two on top of that which I’m speaking to and agreeing deals as we speak. We also have a couple of players that have expressed an interest and will come in pre-season for us to look at and talks are going to happen regarding one or two loan players. Ideally we want in and around a 20 man squad. I think with the extra travel and higher level of football we will require that but realistically that will be made up with two or three loans during the season so that it fits in with our budget.

DK: How excited are you to get going for next season?

TR: You know me I don’t do excited, I’m looking forward to the challenge and seeing what it brings out of us as a management team but also what it brings out of the players. I really believe in them and whilst I know it’s going to be really tough and challenging I really believe that they will thrive albeit I know it will be tough and there will be tough times but we believe in these boys and that’s what I’m looking forward to, seeing how they rise to the challenge.


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