07.01.2017 at 15:00 Attendance: 54
Whitton Utd
3 - 2
Referee: Michael Jarvis Thurlow Nunn Div 1-match

None Taylor Bannister
Max Booth
Opening squads
Ross Welton
Jordan Mussington
Curtis Andrews
Ben Griggs
Gavin Flurrie
Harry Wales
James Burnett
Franco Mallardo
Sam Quinton
Jamie Cole
Lewis Bell
Tyler Hursey
Tobie Stollery
Conor McLaughlin
Anton O Donoghue
James Carragher
Kieran Turner
Ollie Fenn
Charlie Pasco
Noah Collard
Taylor Bannister
Max Booth
Robbie Knott
James Watling
Nathan Thurlow
Cory Gittens
Thomas Warren
Chris Alcock
Santo Sarro-Haire
None Chris Alcock -> Max Booth
Santo Sarro-Haire -> Charlie Pasco
Yellow cards
None None.
Red cards
None None.
Match report
A much improved display from the team going down to the odd goal in 5.

If the performances remain as they did today points will be gained for the rest of the matches.

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