27.09.2016 at 19:45 Attendance: 65
1 - 1
Debenham LC
Referee: James Parks Thurlow Nunn Div 1-match

Tyler Rose
Opening squads
Nathan Thurlow
Will Crisell
James Carragher
Anton O Donoghue
Kieran Turner
George Exworth
Ben Frost
Kyle Ferguson
Cory Gittens
Tyler Rose
Santo Sarro-Haire
Steve Fenner
Lewis Kemp
Ben Atkinson
Kevin Barker
Tom Fenner
Tom Goddard
Reece Young
Zehnn Young
Ryan Gardiner
Matt Dixon
Paris Tuwizana
Tobie Stollery
James Mant
Conor McLaughlin
Jack Mapplebeck
James North
Munro Laflin
Lee Gaught
Will Hopkins
James North -> Kyle Ferguson
Conor McLaughlin -> Will Crisell
Jack Mapplebeck -> Ben Frost
Yellow cards
Cory Gittens
Lee Gaught
Red cards
None. None
Match report
A very fierce local derby match with honours even as Needham equalised very late on, but this was insignificant to the terrible tackle Kyle Ferguson faced resulting in him being stretchered off and a trip to A & E.

The news as we all feared was bad as he has unfortunately broken his fibula and now faces a very lengthy time off on the sidelines.

This is very disappointing for him and the club and we wish him all the very best for a speedy recovery.

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