02.11.2016 at 19:45 Attendance: 21
Kirkley & Pakefield
6 - 2
Referee: Paul Burnham League Challenge Cup-match

None Tyler Rose
Santo Sarro-Haire
Opening squads
Luis Tibbles
Tarren Grint
Lewis Hammond
Tom Cole
Jack Herbert
Lewis Flower
Kairen Goldspink
Cain Eagleton
Jordan Haverson
Ross King
Jack Smith
Nathan Thurlow
James Mant
James Carragher
Conor McLaughlin
Anton O Donoghue
Cory Gittens
Tyler Rose
Ben Frost
Kieran Turner
Max Booth
Santo Sarro-Haire
Kyle Haylock
Diarmuid Lineham
Richard Woodrow
Lee Will
Adam Rix
Tobie Stollery
Harry Windred
Joshua Hynard
James North
Charlie Pasco
None Tobie Stollery -> James Mant
Charlie Pasco -> Max Booth
James North -> Santo Sarro-Haire
Yellow cards
None None.
Red cards
None None.
Match report
On a very cold evening the lads lost to The Royals from the TN Premier Division.

4-1 down at half time they managed to improve after the break losing the second half only 2-1.

Thurlow Nunn League MembersThurlow Nunn

Ryman League MembersRyman