30.07.2016 at 15:00 Attendance: 201
Halstead Town
2 - 1
Referee: Aaron Farmer Thurlow Nunn Div 1-match

Matt Crick (35)
Matt Crick (pen)
Kyle Ferguson
Opening squads
Joe Fowler
Pete Davies
Lee Hurkett
Lewis Cunliffe
Nick Wilderspin
Jake Brown
Marcus Warren
Jules Simon-Parsons
Tom Cook
Jordan Hutchings
Matt Crick
Tyler Hursey
Jordan Peck
Conor McLaughlin
Tobie Stollery
Anton O Donoghue
Kyle Ferguson
Tyler Rose
Kieran Turner
Shaun Webb
Max Booth
Danny Garrad
Kane Gilbert
Joe O Hare
James Walker
Lewis Brennan
Will Crisell
George Exworth
Cory Gittens
Santo Sarro-Haire
Kane Gilbert - Jake Brown
Joe O Hare - Tom Cook
James Walker - Jordan Hutchings
Santo Sarro-Haire -> Danny Garrad
Will Crisell -> Tobie Stollery
George Exworth -> Tyler Rose
Yellow cards
Matt Crick
Lewis Cunliffe
Tobie Stollery
Kieran Turner
Red cards
None None.
Match report
The opening day of the season saw the Reserves travel to one of the favourites for the Division One Title.

On a lovely Saturday afternoon and in front a very healthy opening day crowd the lads played some very good football and competed against the more experienced opposition.

Unfortunately they returned back to Needham pointless but the performance and attitude was excellent and the signs for the season ahead are very encouraging.

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